Hospitality accessories

From Jicaclick's R&D and Innovation department, we work to create hospitality accessories that are friendly to the environment.

Jicaclick is focused on the hospitality sector and is continually developing new products that facilitate work, such as a bottle cap cutter or payment collection trays. We are environmentally aware, but we always maintain the elegance and quality that characterizes us.

Restaurant accessories: the 3 essentials 

If you have a bar, a restaurant or a cafeteria, you probably already have the basic elements to offer your customers the best service, but have you thought about the accessories? Capsule cutters, change trays, tablecloth holders... These accessories are essential and will help you to work better and thus make your efforts profitable and give a perfect image to your company.

At Jicaclick, we want you to know our leading products in terms of catering equipment. So we're going to show you all their features to help you streamline your work. Are you ready to know them?

Bottle cutter

As you know, a bottle cap cutter allows you to elegantly remove the protection of bottle caps. Before we tell you more about bottle cap cutters, let's first talk about the origin of bottle caps.


Caps are the most misunderstood part of bottles when it comes to their origin, history and purpose. To give you a little background, we'll tell you more about them. We'll answer some of the most common questions: have you stopped to think about how long they last, what they do, and what materials they are made of? 

Bottle caps are the part of the bottle located in the neck of the bottle responsible for protecting the cork from possible damage.

Where do the cap cutters come from?

The first records date back to the Middle Ages, when some nobles took the decision to control the wines in their cellars. It was once common for some bottles to be replaced by others of lesser value, or in some cases, to be diminished due to evaporation. 

The origin of the current capsule concept, however, was in Hungary in the 18th century, when a nobleman decided to create the first lead capsule in order to protect the cork from insects, moisture and also to ensure that the bottle had not been tampered with.

Today, in addition to fulfilling a hygienic and protective function, it is used to identify the producers. This information (name, logo) can be found on the top of the cap. 

As far as materials are concerned, and as we have already mentioned, one of the first materials used to make bottle caps was lead. However, it has been replaced by tin, aluminum and plastic, as it is a toxic material.  

To learn more about the different materials found in the manufacture of capsules, we give you the example of wine bottle caps.

Pewter capsules are the most expensive and therefore the best. It is elegant, fits well and offers a wide range of design possibilities. It is often used for high quality wines. 

Aluminum is recyclable and corrosion resistant. It is used for high and medium range wines. Finally, plastic. This is the cheapest and simplest option. It offers few design possibilities, but it is a very effective option.

What to consider when buying a bottle opener?

If you are in the restaurant business and still don't have a bottle cutter, now is the time to get one.  It is a very useful tool.

There are many different types of bottle cutters. Some choose to have a better design but are not as good in terms of functionality. Others seem to be designed to be used only once. At Jicaclick, we want you to have the best ones and that's why we tell you what features to consider before you buy one. 

Chances are, when you're considering buying a capsule cutter, you haven't spent much time researching. But do you want to end up with a poor quality product, or would you rather end up with a clever device and have made a good investment?

Since research is helpful, we'll leave you with some of the features to consider in making a good decision:

- The quality and material of the cutting blade. Think of it this way: the better and higher quality the materials used, the longer they will last.  The most common materials are usually plastic and tin. They protect the neck of the bottle and prevent the cork from deteriorating. 

- The number of cutting blades. Three- or four-blade bottle openers are generally common.

- The size of the opening.

- The quality of the material used to make the opening. 

- How deep into the neck the cut is made.

- The pressure you need to apply to create a clean cut.

Why should I buy a decapper?

If you hesitate to buy it or not, you must ask yourself the following question. If it is an accessory that will help me speed up my work, why wouldn't I buy it? Besides, you can get them at a very low price. 

Among its advantages are the easy adaptation to all types of bottles, saving time when decapping any bottle, safety when performing the process, avoiding the risk of cutting yourself, as well as its durability and resistance. 

Our bottle opener will allow you to remove the caps from any bottle thanks to its flexible opening. It is available in black and red. It has three cutting blades and allows you to cut at two heights, the second by gently pressing the bottle cap cutter and rotating it.

Change tray

The change tray is ideal for restaurants, bars and canteens to carry organization and coordination to give better service to customers. 

With the arrival of Covid-19, all businesses are taking precautions to get back to normal and offer a quality service. Payment in establishments has been one of the biggest headaches of the pandemic due to its persistence on the surface. Although many establishments have implemented electronic payment, cash is still very present.

A totally essential accessory to present the bill to your customers and allow you to deposit coins and bills. Our tray is equipped with two flexible tabs to properly secure tickets and banknotes. So you can be sure that the bill will not be expensive. 

Why should I have coin trays in my business?

If you are still wondering why you need to have these trays, here are the benefits. 

First of all, and considering the current situation, you will avoid touching the coins and banknotes, thus guaranteeing your health and that of your customers. It is also an easy to use, light and resistant accessory. Its design will allow you to store it easily. 

Our Jicaclick purse is 17 cm long and 10 cm wide, perfect for carrying all your bills and coins. It is made of grey polypropylene. As with the decapper, we offer you the possibility to personalize your new tray with your logo. 

Tablecloth clip

Have you ever had a tablecloth blown away or glasses moved because of the strong wind? 

We present you our last star accessory: the tablecloth clip, an essential object which cannot miss in your company. 

What are its advantages? 

Thanks to its easy application, you will be able to hold the tablecloth firmly on the table in one move. You can easily take it off and put it back on to install it on any table. It also has multiple applications due to its strength and flexibility. Our tablecloths are suitable for any table, whether it is a garden table, a restaurant, a buffet... Finally, thanks to its 5.6 cm long and 3.9 cm wide, you will make your business a useful and original place.

If you are part of the hospitality world and have not yet experienced our products, don't wait any longer. At Jicaclick, we want to make your life easier and that's why we offer accessories that will help you in the daily management of your business. We remind you again that you can personalize the cap cutter and the tray holder with your logo