Pram accessories

Browse our extensive catalogue for pram accessories that you and your child need. At Jicaclick, we have been working for more than 30 years in accessories for prams. All our accessories are approved for health and safety, are high quality and are our own designs, making our products something unique. Our goal is for our customers to enjoy every unique moment with their children, and we understand that it is all about the detail. 

Jicaclick stands behind ensuring that parents are comfortable, and has launched adjustable products that are made to fit your pram, without losing the design and reliability that characterizes us.

Adapt your pram according to the needs of your child, and to weather conditions, do not let time ruin your day. Strolls with your baby will be much more pleasant thanks to Jicaclick.

We invite you to discover all the pram accessories we offer in our Jicaclick catalogue, featuring a wide range of customized products that are practical, affordable and above all, of great quality.


Pair of practical bag hooks. Ensures that your bag fits onto the pram, pushchair/stroller and helps to carry shopping bags, since the space in the pram’s basket is usually too small. No matter the type of chassis, pram or stroller - our hooks include a velcro system that makes them totally universal. The hooks have a 360º ROTATION SYSTEM so that the bag can be placed in the most comfortable position, and it can hold up to 6kgs in WEIGHT.


Protects the baby from adverse weather conditions. Ideal, therefore, for rainy days or when there is the possibility of flash rain showers. Installation is simple and fast. When indoors, we recommended removing the canopy to avoid possible overheating the pram’s interior. The canopy does however come with ZIPPER openings for optimal ventilation, as well as a PROTECTIVE COVER.


This practical zippered cover protects the handlebar of your child’s pram and prevents deterioration cause by time and the use of accessories thanks to its waterproof fabric that does not deteriorate with rubbing. This cover is UNIVERSAL and can be used on most prams provided the handle of these prams does not exceed 4cm in width. You can ask us whether it will be suitable for your pram model using the INQUIRY FORM. It can be MADE TO MEASURE, and is sold in pairs of two.


The JicaClick umbrella holder includes two symmetrical heads, one for the seat tube and one for the umbrella, as well as a central body, which can be removed with just a single click. For the XL and XXL models, one of the heads is wider to fit thicker tubes. The umbrella can be repositioned with a simple movement of the screw.


The Jicaclick FLEXO without a clamp is designed for users who already have the Jicaclick umbrella holder. Using the clamp that is attached to the stroller tube, and with only a single click, you can convert the umbrella holder into a practical parasol holder with a flexo arm to which you can screw the parasol for your baby.

Available in two versions: short flexo arm (20cms long) and long flexo arm (30cms long)

Accessories for baby strollers

There are many tasks to be done before the arrival of a baby, and acquiring baby essentials is no less important for them. From feeding and clothing, to accessories for transporting them, such as bubbles for the stroller, bag hooks, pacifier holders, umbrella holders, stroller mittens, umbrella holders and so on. 

Surely, if you are thinking of having a baby, or if you are currently pregnant, you have already considered which stroller to buy. However, the stroller is not everything, since stroller accessories are almost as important as the stroller itself. Because, what's the point of having a beautiful and high quality stroller if you don't have a bubble for when it rains, or an umbrella holder for summer?

In Jicaclick we have a large catalog of accessories for approved strollers. Bag hooks, pacifier holder, bubble for carrycot, bubble for stroller, umbrella, protective cover for stroller handlebars, mittens/gloves for stroller, additional clamp, umbrella holder with umbrella accessory, umbrella holder, umbrella holder and umbrella holder with long flexo. 

Evolution of strollers

Over the years, different methods have been used to transport children, depending on the era and culture of each place. Among these methods we find baby carriages, strollers, slings, ergonomic backpacks, baskets and baby carriers. 

The baby carriage was invented in 1733 by the English architect William Kent. It was invented for the children of Devonshire and in its first prototype was an infant version of a horse-drawn carriage. From that moment on, the invention spread among the upper class of society.

In this early prototype the child sat in a shell-shaped basket on top of a wheeled cart that was pushed by goats, dogs or small ponies. It was in the mid-1800s that the animals were replaced by parents to push them. 

The expansion of these carts came with the commercialization by Benjamin Potter Crandall, a toy manufacturer who made his first carts in America in the 1830s. In addition, he made improvements to William's version by including a brake, a folding model for better storage, and an umbrella to prevent direct sun on the baby. 

However, it was not until 1848 when Charles Burton patented a stroller in which parents could push the stroller from the back of the stroller, keeping their baby in sight at all times. From that moment on, it began to become popular in England and as time went by, it expanded to the rest of the world. 


Today, strollers have evolved greatly and have many more amenities. In addition, there are accessories that make your baby carriage much more practical and comfortable. For example, with the bubbles for the rain, hooks to hang your bag, umbrella holders, umbrellas, mittens for when it is cold, etc.. 

Things to consider before buying accessories for the stroller. 

Whether you are a first time parent or a fifth time parent, you want your baby to be safe, warm, dry, comfortable and entertained. That's why it's important to have some accessories to make your life easier, such as a bubble for the stroller, an umbrella holder or a bag hook. 

Accessories, in general, are not usually cheap, which is why, if we have a small budget, we may have to look for a cheaper car and invest a little more in accessories, as they are very important and can be of great help on many occasions. 

In addition, you have to be well informed about what accessories are already included in your stroller, because sometimes brands include some of these accessories (such as bubbles for the chair or umbrella holders) in their product. 

Finally, do not be afraid to ask for help, whether this is your first child or not, surely there is someone who is happy to help you. Also, there are countless accessories on the market and not all of them are useful. So, before making any purchase, think well if it is necessary and if you are going to use it.

Accessories for rain and sun: protective bubbles, umbrella holders and umbrella holders.

If you live in an area where it rains regularly, it will be necessary to have accessories that prevent your stroller and your baby from getting wet. In addition, you may also find it useful to purchase other accessories that are waterproof. As backpacks or waterproof bags. 

In Jicaclick we have waterproof bubbles for both carrycots and strollers. In addition, we also have umbrella hooks, waterproof gloves and waterproof pacifier holders. In addition, for those days when the sun is the protagonist of the sky we have umbrellas (and their respective adaptable hooks) to prevent the sun's rays from impacting directly on your baby.  

Accessories for transport and organization: Hooks and clips

Often, we carry strollers full of things and "porsiacasos".

In the stroller we only have the bag and the tray at the bottom to store all these things. Therefore, it is important to acquire some accessories that allow us to expand this storage and facilitate the transport of certain things. For example, bag hooks that allow you to carry not only your bag but also your shopping bags can be very useful. In addition, the bag is an accessory that is not very advisable to leave it in the trolley tray since it is not in sight and can be stolen or lost. Umbrella hooks or umbrella hooks can also be very useful to protect your baby from the rain or sun rays in summer.

In Jicaclick we also have additional clamps, in case you have two strollers and do not want to waste time disassembling the clamp from one stroller to another. In addition, it is not only compatible with a baby carriage but also with a wheelchair, a golf cart or a bicycle. 

Comfort accessories 

Comfort accessories are not essential, but they can give you more comfort and enjoyment on the go. If you live in an area where it gets very cold in winter, don't hesitate to buy some mittens or gloves for your stroller. They are a kind of mittens that adapt to the handlebars of the stroller and prevent your hands from freezing. Besides, hands and feet are the parts of the body that get cold the most and make your whole body cold. So if you want to enjoy a ride with your baby without getting frostbite (or even a health problem), mittens or gloves are a necessary accessory for you.