Table pieces

Table parts

In Jicaclick we offer a wide variety of parts for the assembly of a table is simple and quality. For everything to work properly it is essential to have quality hinges and hinges for your furniture. Therefore, we will tell you all the details about the types of hinges, hinges and of course, the key element, the tables. Let's start!

The table has been, is and will be one of the most important pieces of furniture for our society. Not only has it been a meeting point for the family or different events, but around the tables great decisions have been taken that have an impact on our day to day life. 

More about hinges and hinges

Before we begin to tell you what types of hinges there are, we will explain what they are and what they are used for.  Hinges are opening and closing systems composed of two pieces joined by an axis.  When the pieces are attached to two materials, they allow the rotation of one with respect to the other. They have multiple uses, both for tables and for windows, furniture... 

But... do you know what hinges are?

Many people think they are a kind of hinge but the truth is that their operation is quite different.  The main difference lies in the axis of rotation. This means that hinges cannot be disassembled because the axis is fixed to their wings while hinges can be disassembled because the axis is independent or only fixed to one wing. Remember this trick to know how to tell them apart: if it can be disassembled, you will know that you are dealing with a hinge.

The most common hinges

- Cup hinge: They are the most used in all types of doors, they can also be adjusted and there are hinges with different opening angles. It receives this name because one of its ends is in the shape of a cup and is embedded in the door. 

- Book hinges: They are widely used due to their simplicity and different shapes, sizes and materials. They are two leaves that open like a book and are screwed to the edges.

- Piano hinge: They have a great resistance. They are the same as the book hinges but longer and joined with many screws. They are usually used for folding tables, furniture doors.

- Pin hinges: This type of hinges, which do not have a leaf, are used for furniture with doors on the outside, so that the door does not remain inside the furniture.

- Removable hinges: They are very similar to hinges since they can be removed by removing the central pin.

- Hidden hinges: They are used when we want two panels to open like the pages of a book, they are usually used in dining tables. 

- Swing hinges: This type of hinge opens inward and outward. This allows doors to open by simply pushing them open.

- Loose hinge (hinge bolt): One leaf can be lifted off the other, allowing the door to be removed very easily.

What parts for tables do we offer at JicaClick?

In Jicaclick we offer products that will make your life easier. We present you all the table parts that we manufacture. Do you want to know them? You will also find accessories such as the hinge pusher to facilitate the placement of the hinges or the protective rivet to join two or more pieces. 

We have:

- L-15/L-11 with chamfer. Available in white, black, beige, gray and brown.

- Injected ramp wing support. 

- Plastic bridge for 12-diameter bar. 

- Hinge pusher.

- Protective rivet. 

- Polyamide piece 40 X 30 L13/L16/L19.

- Smooth polyamide part 40 X 30. We are experts in polyamide parts table accessories. 

- Centering pivot 8 and 10. 

- Wing slider. 

All these products are manufactured in these colors: white, black, beige, gray and brown. 

- Cylindrical hinge for book tables. Hinges manufactured in steel and with outer cover in synthetic material, specially recommended for folding tables. Valid for tabletops from 16 mm and up. At this moment we have models in diameter 12 and 14 m/m which are manufactured in white, black, beige, silver gray and brown.

- Cylindrical hinges for book tables diameter 14. Hinges diameter 14 manufactured in steel and with external cover in synthetic material, specially recommended for folding or book tables. Valid for tabletops from 18 this moment we have two models in diameter 12 and 14 m/m which are manufactured in white, black, beige, silver gray and brown.

If you want more information about our products you can visit our website or call us at 943 172 144. We will be happy to help you!