Wheelchair accessories

Jicaclick wheelchair accessories are specifically designed to improve the quality of your life. The benefits that wheelchairs can provide are greater with the use of the appropriate accessories. For this reason, we at Jicaclick work continuously in the development of new improvements for our products to solve some everyday problems.

Our goal is to achieve greater comfort and independence for our customers and therefore, we offer a product that is strong and of high quality. Wheelchair accessories are customised for each user and have an elegant Jicaclick design.

Discover the wide variety of accessories for wheelchairs that we have in our catalogue and learn more about the great advantages of trusting in Jicaclick products.


The Jicaclick FLEXO without a clamp is designed for users who already have the Jicaclick umbrella holder. Using the clamp that is attached to the stroller tube, and with only a single click, you can convert the umbrella holder into a practical parasol holder with a flexo arm to which you can screw the parasol for your baby.

Available in two versions: short flexo arm (20cms long) and long flexo arm (30cms long)


The parasol accessory is designed for those who already have the Jicaclick umbrella holder. This accessory allows you to change the UMBRELLA HOLDER to a PARASOL HOLDER, without the need to change the entire device meaning the holder will become a practical, universal, removable and adjustable parasol holder in the turn of a handle.