Wheelchair accessories

Jicaclick wheelchair accessories are specifically designed to improve the quality of your life. The benefits that wheelchairs can provide are greater with the use of the appropriate accessories. For this reason, we at Jicaclick work continuously in the development of new improvements for our products to solve some everyday problems.

Our goal is to achieve greater comfort and independence for our customers and therefore, we offer a product that is strong and of high quality. Wheelchair accessories are customised for each user and have an elegant Jicaclick design.

Discover the wide variety of accessories for wheelchairs that we have in our catalogue and learn more about the great advantages of trusting in Jicaclick products.


Pair of practical bag hooks. Ensures that your bag fits onto the pram, pushchair/stroller and helps to carry shopping bags, since the space in the pram’s basket is usually too small. No matter the type of chassis, pram or stroller - our hooks include a flange system that makes them totally universal. The hooks have a 360º ROTATION SYSTEM so that the bag can be placed in the most comfortable position, and it can hold up to 6kgs in WEIGHT.