Golf accessories

Jicaclick golf accessories are essential to enjoy your day playing golf. Small details are key in a sport like golf, that's why our goal is for our customers to enjoy themselves and to have the necessary, high quality and reliability accessories at hand.

The Jicaclick R&D + I team has a long record track and is continuously working on improving their golf accessories to find the best experience for our clients.

Discover the incredible range of products that we have in our catalogue and discover more about our entire golf accessories range.


The JicaClick umbrella holder includes two symmetrical heads, one for the seat tube and one for the umbrella, as well as a central body, which can be removed with just a single click. For the XL and XXL models, one of the heads is wider to fit thicker tubes. The umbrella can be repositioned with a simple movement of the screw.

Golf accessories

Are golf sticks the only essential in your bag? As in any other sport, golfers also need the perfect equipment. Some of the accessories are used at the time of the game, while others make the game more enjoyable. 

Having the right quality golf accessories, such as an umbrella holder or a bag hook like the ones you can find at Jicaclick, is very important if you want to enjoy your golf day 100%. Accessories are almost as important as clubs or balls, as not having a holder for your umbrella or a hook to store your belongings can ruin your golf day. 

Origins of golf

The origins of golf are still unknown, however, in the Middle Ages there was already a game very similar to golf, which used a curved stick and a ball made of feathers. That is why there are historians who believe that this sport originated there. 

The Scots were the first lovers of this game, so much so that the Scottish parliament dictated a law that prohibited playing this sport, since the Scots spent long hours playing and left aside archery, a sport that represented a military necessity for this country.

Since the Middle Ages golf was already played, but it was not until the mid-nineteenth century when it spread to the rest of the world, especially the United Kingdom and the United States were very interested in this sport, so much so that today the English and Americans are considered the best golfers in the world. 

How to choose golf accessories

The task of choosing which accessories to buy can be complicated, since the world of golf has evolved a lot in recent years and in the market we find an infinite number of accessories. Therefore, it is important to know which accessories are necessary and will help us and which, on the contrary, will not help us at all. 

If you want to increase your level of the game, while making it more fun, you should keep in mind that you will need an accessory for almost every occasion. But this does not mean that you should carry your backpack full of things, since this makes it difficult to transport them from one place to another. You simply need to take into account factors such as the weather that day, the type of game you are going to play or your own needs. 

It is essential that your equipment is comfortable, well-designed, of high quality and durable. If you perceive that an accessory that catches your attention is not of high quality, or will not last long enough, it is better to look for another one, since accessories are usually expensive and no one wants to waste their money on something that will last two days or that will not be useful. Therefore, we recommend that the purchase of accessories is well thought out so you do not regret it later. 

Essential golf accessories

On average, a game of golf lasts 4 hours, sometimes even more, so you have to keep in mind that in those four hours many things can happen, it may start raining, the sun comes out or you get hungry. That’s why it’s important to bring a bottle of water and something to eat, an umbrella or a cap.

Divot Repair Tools

All golfers understand the importance of repairing divot marks. These marks appear when balls hit the course, causing the surface to become uneven. Divot repair tools help golfers fix the course and keep it in the best condition for them. 

Golf club covers

Golf clubs are not cheap at all, especially the Driver, which is the most expensive golf club of all. If you want to take care of your clubs and make them last as long as possible buy some covers to protect them from scuffs, scratches or dents. 

Ball restorers

Usually, the balls end up in the water and having an accessory that allows you to recover all those balls from the water is very important. On the market you can find them in both a paddle and clip design. The former design is ideal for soft mud, while the latter allows you to retrieve balls that are more difficult or far away.

Golf towel

The most economical and easy-to-carry tool is the towel. It is also very versatile, as you can use it to clean your clubs, dry your grips, clean dirty balls, wipe off sweat or protect yourself from the sun, among other uses. 

Golf tees

They usually have little prominence in the world of golf, but if you want to hit with your Driver, the ball must be high enough to achieve a perfect impact. A tee is a device that is driven into the course and allows the ball to be elevated for the golfer to hit it. It is important that you have several of them, since tees are small and it is very common to lose them. 

Golf gloves

If you want to hit a perfect shot, it is important to have a good grip on the club. Generally we can find them in leather or synthetic. Leather gloves are softer but break down faster. Synthetics last longer and are more flexible but are not breathable. 

Golf umbrella stand: main features

Easy to fit

The most important thing when choosing an umbrella stand is that it should be easy to put up. If in the middle of your game, it starts to rain, getting the umbrella holder in place quickly can be crucial to not ruin your golf day. Because no one wants to get wet, nor do you want all your equipment to be ruined by a few drops of water. So if you have a quality, easy to use umbrella holder this won't happen to you. 


In addition, it is also important that it is durable, these devices must be resistant to heavy rain, wind waves and also heat. Thanks to the fact that they are universal, in the same way, they can serve as an umbrella on very hot and sunny summer days. Just a simple "click" and you can give another use to your umbrella holder. 


It is also essential that it is adjustable. Not only that it allows you to adjust it to any golf cart, but also that it can be oriented both north and south. Usually, when the rain falls, it does not fall straight down, but it is windy, and this makes the water come in one direction or another. Even more so when we talk about golf courses, which are usually very open spaces, where there is a lot of wind. Therefore, it is essential that your umbrella holder allows you to move the orientation.

The Jicaclick universal umbrella holder is adaptable to all types of tubular surfaces, so it can be used with any brand of golf trolley. 


If you don't want to make carrying the backpack with all the clubs when it rains a chore that requires a lot of effort, it is essential that the umbrella holder weighs little. Because no one wants to carry heavy and bulky objects, especially when we talk about an accessory, we may not get to use that day.

In Jicaclick you can find golf umbrella holders in 3 different sizes: standard (16-28 mm diameter), XL (29-38 mm diameter) and XXL (39-46 mm diameter) depending on the size of the tube. It also includes an additional accessory for umbrellas,

Bag Hanger Hooks

This accessory allows the golfer to expand the storage capacity of his backpack, and thanks to the bag hook you can not only hang a bag but also bags, a towel, different golf accessories, or any accessory you can think of. Simply by adjusting the hook on the backpack, either on the handle or in any compartment you have, you can hang anything. 

The Jicaclick bag hook also uses a flange system that makes it completely universal, so you can adapt it to both the golf backpack and other places such as a baby carriage, a wheelchair, etc.. 

Another feature of this device is that it rotates 360º, so you can adapt it to your needs and place it in the most comfortable way for you. In addition, it can hold up to 6 kilos of weight, so you won't have to worry about it getting damaged or not holding your belongings.