Pair of practical bag hooks. Ensures that your bag fits onto the pram, pushchair/stroller and helps to carry shopping bags, since the space in the pram’s basket is usually too small. No matter the type of chassis, pram or stroller - our hooks include a velcro system that makes them totally universal. The hooks have a 360º ROTATION SYSTEM so that the bag can be placed in the most comfortable position, and it can hold up to 6kgs in WEIGHT.


The JicaClick umbrella holder includes two symmetrical heads, one for the seat tube and one for the umbrella, as well as a central body, which can be removed with just a single click. For the XL and XXL models, one of the heads is wider to fit thicker tubes. The umbrella can be repositioned with a simple movement of the screw.


Clips for securing tablecloths to tables. For tables of between 1 and 4.5 cm in thickness. Made in ABS plastic, making them flexible and resistant.

Easy to use: easy to attach and remove, keeps your tablecloth in place.

Many uses: because of their flexibility and resistance, they are suitable for practically any type of table, in gardens, restaurants, for weddings, buffets, picnics, etc.

Measurements: 5.6 x 3.9 cm. Ideal for a unique and original meal!